Custom Trolley & Handling Equipment Design & Manufacture

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At Team Systems, we pride ourselves on our ability to Understand, Design, Engineer and Manufacture custom solutions for your custom trolley or custom handling applications. As we have been producing custom trolleys and custom Material Handling equipment for over twenty-five years, we are dedicated to providing the Australian market with high quality and reliable custom trolleys and custom handling products. With our extensive experience over 25 years in building custom trolleys and other custom handling equipment, we allow our customers to operate at the highest level in the manufacturing, storage and distribution of their materials.

Custom Trolley Design

Team Systems started our life as a Manufacturer of Custom Trolleys, Stillage’s and Shop Fittings back in the early 90’s. Since then, our Custom Trolleys, Custom Handling products and Custom Warehouse Equipment have been used in all kinds of industries throughout Australia. You may not know this, but some of the many Custom Trolleys we have manufactured over the last 25 years are involved in moving everyday products that pass your hands every day. Take for instance Australia Post Barcode sorter racks. In conjunction with Australia Post, we custom designed and manufactured the Trolleys that all the standard post goes through. This custom-designed trolleys enables efficient sorting and handling of post, greatly enhancing workplace productivity.

Custom Handling Equipment Design & Manufacture

We also designed the first round mobile one-piece plastic step with retracting castors in 1998. Known as the "Teamstep", this plastic safety step is constructed with rotomoulded durable plastic and it provides all users with a stable way of accessing just out of reach areas. We have since added many models to this range, including our TSSU Stepup, our TS Jumbo Team Step and our Monstar Safety Step.

Custom Safety Equipment Design & Manufacture

Additionally, we designed the only fold away Fork Lift work Platform in Australia. Our Collapsible Folding Work Platform is a foldable work platform safety cage that is designed to fit forklifts. It is ideal for a variety of manual tasks that require you to safely and steadily access heights..

Custom Trolley Manufacture in Australia

Since our inception, we have not only been involved in developing our own products, but we have also been heavily involved in Designing and Manufacturing custom trolleys and custom handling products for our customers. As a trusted Australian manufacturer, we are committed to providing our Australian customers with the custom trolleys and other custom handling equipment they need to work at their very best. Regardless of your environment, we can design custom handling equipment that is durable, reliable and suits all your needs.

Call us to arrange a site visit from one of our experienced representatives who can design and engineer a custom trolley or a custom handling solution for your application.


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