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Drum Storage

Our drum storage equipment is perfect for storing chemicals and liquids in industrial environments. Available in a...


Drum Handling & Storage


Our range of drum handling and storage equipment can be used for a variety of drum-related applications. We have forklift attachments that can be used with forklifts to handle drums, as well as a broad array of drum handling trolleys that can assist in the loading, lifting, tilting, transporting, positioning and/or rotating of industrial drums. Furthermore, our drum storage equipment is perfect for storing all kinds of chemicals and liquids and is designed to prevent spills and leaks. At Team Systems, our drum handling and storage equipment enable your employees to work at their best while maintaining a safe and productive workplace environment. With warehouses located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, we are proud to provide drum handling and storage equipment to customers throughout Australia.

Where You Can Use Our Drum Handling and Storage Equipment

You can use our heavy-duty drum handling and storage equipment in a number of industrial environments. These include use in warehouses, factories, construction sites, docks, stock rooms, chemical storage facilities, processing areas and more. With our industrial drum storage and handling equipment, you can increase the security and productivity of your workplace.

Our Range of Drum Handling and Storage Products

Our drum handling equipment is available in numerous dimensions, load capacities and specifications. Due to our wide range of varying equipment, it is recommended that you ensure the product you select has the right specifications for your intended application.

Forklift Attached Drum Handling Equipment

At Team Systems, we have drum handling forklift attachments such as our ZG500 Drum Puller available. This forklift attachment has all-steel construction and works well with shop cranes, hoists and forklift hooks. As it is suitable for use with 210 litre drums up to 500kg, either open or closed, this drum puller is an ideal choice for many forklifts attached drum handling applications.

Moreover, we also have forklift attachments like our CCA15 Drum Carrier Rotator – Drum Lift & Tilt, which enables you to easily lift, transport, raise and tilt loaded drums. Suitable for 210 litre/55 gallon 57.2cm diameter drums, this drum carrier rotator forklift attachment is great for dealing with loads of up to 680kg in capacity. It also has a 30:1 ratio and has a 10’ pull chain loop that allows control from the driver’s seat.

Drum Storage Equipment

When it comes to industrial drum storage equipment, our DB2G / DB4G Bunded Drum Storage Systems is a safe bet. Used to store up to two 205 litre drums while capturing any leaks, drips and spills of non-flammable liquids via the three drain plug in the sump, this drum bund is great for all types of workplace environments. Its removable grated floors provide easy access to the bund for cleaning and its forklift tyne pockets make for easy transportation. Additionally, this sump pallet has been manufactured and tested in Australia with a 1100kg UDL, and it has encapsulated data plates with vital information such as sump capacity, maximum UDL, composition materials and net weight.

Furthermore, for spill pallets with hardtop cover protection, look no further than our HTDB1150 – Hardtop Bund Covers. Designed to prevent dirt, rainwater and debris from contaminating drums or the IBC container, as well as protect from UV degradation, this hardtop cover storage bund is an ideal choice for many industries. It additionally has 40mm drain plugs for convenient decanting of spilt liquids, forklift pockets and hardtop cover roller doors for easy access, and moulded tie-down points that are perfect for use in high wind areas.

Drum Trolleys and Trucks

Besides forklift attachments and drum storage systems, we also have a number of drum handling trolleys like our CA-C45 Raptor Drum Lifter available. With its heavy-duty construction and precision hydraulic pump, this drum lifter is great for industrial drum lifting applications. It is designed to lift drums up to 50cm high and it is suitable for use with 210-litre drums. Additionally, its legs spread 90 degrees to allow deep entry to a pallet, and it has a 450kg capacity.

We also have our TSD44 Drum Dolly, which has a durable construction and is made for use with 205 litres or 44-gallon drums. Its 80mm heavy duty castor wheels make for smooth rolling, and it additionally has a capacity of 400kg.

Ensuring Your Safety with Our Drum Storage and Handling Equipment

There are a number of safety measures you can carry out to best preserve the safety of your employees when using drum handling equipment. Firstly, prior to their use, it is recommended that employees are trained on how to use forklifts, spill bunds and any associated drum handling equipment that may require training. Secondly, when using forklift attachments, ensure that the length of the fork is not exceeded by more than 50%. Travelling at slow speeds and making gentle turns can aid in accommodating for this shift in the centre of gravity. Thirdly, you should always verify that the forklift’s data plate enables you to use a drum handling forklift attachment. Fourthly, when using drum storage systems, all drum bunds should be situated on stable and level ground to best preserve the security of your drums and workplace. Lastly, it is a good idea to clear your work environment of any obstacles and uneven floor surfaces before using drum handling trolleys. By following these precautions, you can best maintain the safety of your employees when using drum handling equipment.


Team Systems is committed to providing our customers with material handling and warehouse equipment solutions that emphasise safety and efficiency. By using our drum handling and storage equipment, you can easily carry out a variety of drum-related applications. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Team Systems is your trusted provider of industrial drum handling and storage equipment Australia.