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Team Systems is an Australian-owned company that manufactures, imports and distributes material handling equipment. Established in 1994, we have over 25 years of experience providing the Australian market with safe, effective and affordable solutions for their manual handling needs. Through our reliable material handling equipment, we allow our customers to operate at the highest level in the manufacturing, storage and distribution of their product, regardless of the environment they work in.
As a long-established leader in Australian material handling solutions, Team Systems does wholesaling and distribution of a range of products. These include trolleys, ladders, plastics and various equipment pertaining to industrial lifting, handling, storage and safety. With such a vast selection of equipment to choose from, you can carry out all kinds of applications while still preserving the health and safety of your workers.

Our Brands
At Team Systems, we are dedicated to providing our retail and wholesale customers with quality affordable solutions. This is why we have an extensive array of material handling equipment, available in different brands. Our brands include Teamstar Trolleys, Teamstep, Rollmasta Conveyor, equip Powered Trolleys, Monstar Ladders, Ansett Fork Attachments and Drumtech Drum Handling Equipment. Additionally, we also have a long-standing relationship with some of Australia’s largest manufacturers, such as Indalex, Bailey, Viscount (Nally Plastics), Fallshaw Wheels and Castors to name a few.

Industrial Trolleys
From warehouse trolleys to retail trolleys and office trolleys, our broad range of industrial trolleys means we have a trolley for any environment. Whether you work in a warehouse and require one of our platform trolleys or order picking trolleys for industrial stock picking, we have trolleys for you. We also have multi-tier trolleys that are perfect for hospitality and service industries, and stainless steel trolleys like our Signature Series Two-Tier Stainless Steel Trolley – TS2-6004 that are particularly suited for use in areas that are wet, freezing or feature exposure to chemicals.

Industrial Castors
We have castor wheels suitable for use on a variety of floor surfaces and conditions. For castor wheels that protect floors and reduce noise, consider our blue rubber castor wheels, as the elastic blue rubber on these wheels enables smooth and quiet operation. Moreover, if your workplace features frequent washing or wetness, our stainless steel castor wheels are a strong choice. Their superior steering ability makes them ideal for many foods and health industries, and they are especially useful in cool rooms, greengrocers and refrigerators. Furthermore, for a sturdier castor wheel option, consider our pneumatic castors and pneumatic wheels. These pneumatic castors and wheels maintain efficiency and reliability on both soft and hard grounds, both indoors and outdoors. In particular, these castor wheels are commonly used with agricultural or sports equipment, such as batting cages and mobile nets trolleys.

Lifting and Handling Equipment
Our lifting and handling equipment includes all kinds of pallet jacks, walkie stackers and lifters, chain and lever blocks, conveyors, cranes, scales and girder trolleys. In addition to these, we have scissor lift tables like our Electric Scissor Lift – ETF50, which provide a raised platform for lifting and handling heavy items. We also have flat slings and round slings which are available in lengths of up to 10 metres and capacities of up to 10,000kg. Moreover, for drum handling and storage equipment, we have products like our Tilting Drum Stand – NF10 that are perfect for loading, lifting, tilting, positioning and transporting drums. This lifting equipment is suitable for lifting applications in a number of industrial environments.

Safety Equipment and Signage
In terms of maintaining a safe work environment, look no further than our safety equipment and signage. For traffic management safety, traffic cones like our Reflective Traffic Cone – 700mm are perfect for providing physical barriers in roadwork sites and car parks. We also have convex mirrors that give general surveillance in industrial and public spaces, as well as dangerous goods storage cabinets that are ideal for storing hazardous substances. Additionally, spill kits like our Hazchem Spill Kit 78L – SKC120V assist in the containment and clean-up of spills. With safety equipment like this, your workplace can remain a secure and productive place.

Ladders and Access Equipment
If your employees need to carry out tasks at a height, our heavy-duty ladders and access equipment can help ensure that this is done safely and effectively. For ladders suited to industrial stock picking, consider an order picker ladder-like our 6 Step Monstar Order Picker Ladder – 150kg Rated. Or if you are looking for a foldable step ladder that can perform a number of industrial and domestic access tasks, step ladders like our Indalex Double Sided Aluminium Step Ladder 120kg – 180kg can fulfill this. We also have safety steps and several other pieces of ladder and access equipment that add convenience when being used for access applications.

Plastics and Shelving
When using plastic storage containers to store goods and equipment, it is a good idea to use a plastic tub that is tailored to your workplace. Fortunately, we have a broad selection of plastic storage trays and crates that can be used to store and transport products. These include plastic parts trays and micro bins for small miscellaneous items, plastic stacking and nesting crates that save space, plastic wheelie bins for waste management and plastic ventilated crates that provide increased airflow and cool contents faster. Additionally, many of our plastic storage boxes are food gradable like our Milk Crate – IH160 and our Stack and Nest Vented Plastic Container – IH323, meaning they can safely be used to store and transport food.

With our head office situated in Dandenong South, Victoria, and further sales and warehousing operations located in Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), we deliver quickly and efficiently throughout Australia. At Team Systems, we are committed to providing our customers with material handling and warehouse equipment solutions that place safety and efficiency at the forefront.