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Step ladders are a convenient ladder to have both in the workplace and the household as they provide access to high...


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Ladders & Access Equip


Team Systems’ assortment of ladders and access equipment provides your employees with a safe and reliable way of carrying out manual handling tasks at height. From step ladders to extension ladders, and order picker ladders to safety steps, we have a variety of industrial ladders that greatly enhance safety and productivity in your workplace. Regardless of the ladder height or the number of steps you require, we have a ladder for you. With warehousing operations located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, Team Systems is committed to giving Australian customers ladders and access equipment of the highest industrial quality.

Where You Can Use Our Heavy Duty Ladders

You can use our ladders and access equipment in all kinds of industrial environments. At Team Systems, we have warehouse ladders, factory ladders, retail ladders, school ladders, office ladders, construction ladders and household ladders. Moreover, our ladders are available in both aluminium and fibreglass forms. While aluminium ladders like our Bailey 8 Step Deluxe Order Picker Access 170kg can withstand most weather conditions, they are not resistant to heat or electricity. On the other hand, fibreglass ladders, like our Indalex Fibreglass Double Sided Ladder have insulation that reduces the risk of electrical damage, providing the user with protection in areas where electrical hazards may exist.

Our Range of Industrial Ladders and Access Equipment

At Team Systems, we have ladders and access equipment in a variety of sizes, and for all kinds of applications. It is important to choose a ladder that suits your workplace environment and your intended application.

Platform Ladders

Platform step ladders are self-supporting non-adjustable ladders that have platforms at the top, providing workers with a stable working platform to perform tasks on top of. Many of our platform ladders, like our 5 Step Monstar 150kg Industrial Ladder and our Bailey 150kg Fibreglass Platform Ladder – Job Station, are lightweight and portable, making great warehouse platform ladders.

Step Ladders

Step ladders are compact ladders that provide just a few extra steps. As these compact step ladders are foldable and can be folded for easy storage and transportation, they work well as domestic ladders. Our Little Monstar Compact Step Ladder – 150kg Rated is available in 2 to 4 step forms, and enables you to reach up to 168cm high.

Order Pickers

If you require a ladder for industrial stock-picking purposes, look no further than our order picker ladders. These stock picking ladders are designed for order picking from shelves or racking in warehouses and other storage areas, making great warehouse ladders. Stock picker ladders like our Teamstar Mobile Order Picker are available with 2 steps ranging all the way up to 12 steps. Furthermore, our Stockmaster Navigator Mobile Platform features automatic braking, fast repositioning and highly manoeuvrable castor wheels for improved mobility when performing order picking tasks in the workplace.

Extension Ladders

Extension ladders are fully adjustable due to their two sections that can be placed into adjustable lengths via brackets or guides. Used to reach high places, extendable ladders like our Indalex Industrial Aluminium Extension Ladder have anodised aluminium components for superior corrosion resistance and lower retention of dirt and grime, and are made to suit Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1892.1.

Team Steps

Plastic safety steps provide users with a simple step up, alleviating the need for a ladder for just out of reach tasks. Like compact folding step ladders, safe steps make great household steps and are good for many domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Square steps like our Monstar Safety Step feature a large 37cm x 37cm deck size and have an injection-moulded construction for maximum durability, whereas rolling steps like our Mobile Team Step – TSTS has retractable spring-loaded castor wheels that enable smooth manoeuvrability without compromising stability when in use.

Work Platforms

Available in both collapsible and non-collapsible forms, our work platform safety cages are made to protect employees when working at heights in the manufacturing industry. Functioning as forklift add-ons, these forklift safety cages are designed to carry up to 2 people (250kg), and they are fitted with internal handrails, two harness anchor points, fitted safety chains and skid-resistant floor plates for security when being used. We also have a safety harness that can be worn when using our forklift work platforms for even safer operation.

Ladder Accessories

In addition to ladders and access equipment, we also have numerous ladder accessories that provide convenience and security when they are attached to your ladder. These include castor wheel kits for Bailey Extension Ladders and PROP Ladders, as well as safety gates for Bailey Platform Ladders and Bailey Order Picking Ladders.


Team Systems is committed to providing our customers with material handling and warehouse equipment solutions that place safety and efficiency at the forefront. By using our heavy-duty ladders and access equipment, you can safely and efficiently access heights to perform a range of manual handling tasks in your workplace. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Team Systems is your trusted provider of industrial ladders and access equipment Australia.