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Pneumatic Castors

The pneumatic range of TeamStar castors are high in quality and performance. Suitable for applications in line with its listed...


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The pneumatic range of TeamStar wheels are high in quality and performance. Suitable for applications in line with its listed...


Industrial Castors


Castor wheels enable workers to direct and steer trolleys and other transportation equipment, making manual handling tasks more convenient. With castor wheels in both rigid and swivel frame types, we at Team Systems can provide you with the castor wheels you need regardless of the industry you work in. Our castor wheels are also available in a multitude of materials, including rubber, urethane, nylon and various others. Team Systems has warehouses located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, making us reliable providers of industrial castor wheels throughout Australia.


Where You Can Use Our Industrial Castor Wheels

Castor wheels are used to assist in moving all kinds of objects and equipment around the workplace, providing convenient mobility where it is needed. Naturally, castor wheels are a staple of many industries, particularly in material handling and warehouse equipment environments. Castor wheels are typically used in warehouses, factories, offices, hotels, hospitals, laboratories and other places. In particular, if you work in an environment that is constantly wet, one thing to note is that not all castor wheels are suited to these conditions, and only some are. Stainless Steel Castor Wheels like our 125mm TE22NNP_SB Stainless Steel Nylon Castor Wheels have superior steering abilities that allow them to withstand wet, freezing or harsh environments. As a result, they are ideal for food and health industries like greengrocers, supermarkets, refrigerators and cool rooms.

Our Range of Castor Wheels

At Team Systems, we have castor wheels in both swivel and rigid (also called fixed) frame types. Swivel castor wheels possess the ability to turn 360 degrees while transporting loads, making them useful for turning tight corners and more general flexible application. On the other hand, fixed castor wheels have an inflexible frame and can only be moved forwards and backwards in a straight line. Not only are these rigid castor wheels great for applications where trolleys (or other transportation equipment) solely need to move in a straight line, but they can also handle higher weight capacities overall. Keep these distinctions in mind when looking through our selection of industrial castor wheels.

Furthermore, our castor wheels are available in many different load capacities, dimensions and material types. Depending on the environment you work in and your intended application, it is important that you choose a castor wheel that is tailored to your workplace.

Grey Rubber Castor Wheels

We have grey rubber castor wheels suitable for both light general everyday use, as well as industrial use. Designed to provide smooth operation and great longevity, grey rubber castor wheels like our 100mm TE21TPB_HB Grey Rubber Castor Wheels employ industrial grade TPP rubber that protects floors and reduces noise.

Blue Rubber Castor Wheels

The elastic blue rubber on these medium-duty castor wheels also helps to preserve flooring and ensures smooth, quiet operation. Blue rubber castor wheels like our 160mm TE21ENR_H Blue Rubber Castor Wheels have non-marking elastic rubber, a zinc-plated corrosion resistant frame and roller bearings, making sure you get castor wheels that are durable and reliable.

Urethane Castor Wheels

Ideal for applications that deal with heavier materials and goods, our urethane castor wheels are commonly used for stock trolleys for automotive parts, multi-purpose industrial trolleys and industrial handling equipment. Urethane castor wheels like our 80mm TE21UNR_SB Urethane Castor Wheels can help minimise push effort on softer surfaces such as lino. Furthermore, our Heavy Duty Urethane Castor Wheels are precision-built for durability under extreme working conditions, meaning that these heavy duty castor wheels are perfect for the demands of industrial environments.

Pneumatic Castors and Pneumatic Wheels

For a durable puncture proof solution to transporting goods in many outdoor environments, consider our pneumatic castors and wheels. Our puncture proof castors are ideal for use on agricultural equipment and for mobilising sport equipment such as batting cages and nets trolleys. Our puncture proof wheels also employ foam fillings so that these tyres will never go flat, and can provide outstanding longevity even on tricky or uneven surfaces.

Additional Castor Wheels and Accessories

Besides these castor wheel types, our selection of industrial castor wheels also includes White Nylon Castor Wheels, Pallet Truck Wheels and Rollers, and various series of industrial and heavy duty castor wheels. Additionally, we have accessories and castor wheel components that can be conveniently used depending on the application, such as Expanding Inserts, Tubes, Adjustable Feet and Wheel Plates.


Team Systems is dedicated to providing our customers with material handling and warehouse equipment solutions that prioritise safety and efficiency. By using our castor wheels, you can transport goods regardless of size in any industrial environment. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Team Systems is your trusted provider of industrial castor wheels Australia.