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When it comes to industrial stock picking, look no further than our selection of order picking trolleys. Not only are a good choose to good transporting but also...


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Powered trolleys are designed to provide a safe and efficient solution to goods transportation in warehouses and other...


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In many office environments, trolleys provide much-needed assistance when moving and distributing files, documents,...


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Industrial Trolleys


At Team Systems, we have a wide variety of trolleys available for you to purchase for your workplace. Not only do our industrial trolleys assist you in transporting goods and equipment around the workplace with ease, they also help save workers’ backs and alleviate many of the risks associated with manual handling. With warehouses located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, Team Systems is proud to provide work trolleys to customers throughout Australia.


Where to Use Our Industrial Trolleys

Our trolleys are suitable for a variety of applications in different industrial environments. We have warehouse trolleys, retail trolleys, office trolleys, school trolleys and laboratory trolleys, among others. Furthermore, if you work in an environment that constantly has wet floor conditions, consider one of our stainless steel trolleys. Trolleys like our Foldable Stainless Steel Flatbed Trolley – ST16009F and our Signature Series Three-Tier Stainless Steel Trolley – TS3-6004 have superior corrosion resistance and can withstand wet and freezing environments. As a result, these stainless steel trolleys are perfect for use in many food and hospitality-related workplaces, such as greengrocers, refrigerators and cool rooms.


Our Range of Industrial Trolleys

At Team Systems, we have trolleys available for different applications and in varying dimensions and load capacities. It is important to choose a trolley for your workplace that matches the environment you work in and your intended application.


Industrial Platform Trolleys

Platform trolleys feature a large platform that allows you to transport heavy items around the workplace, especially in warehouse environments. Platform trolleys like our Heavy Duty Platform Trolley – SW078 and our Platform Trolley – TS1AXL have durable powder-coated finishes and effective castor wheels, making for great mobility and manoeuvrability in the workplace. We also have platform trolleys that are ideal for moving sheeted and panelled goods, such as our Panel Cart TPR500, as well as platform trolleys that can nest into each other and save space, like our Nesting Platform Trolley – SNPT5.


Industrial Multi-Tier Trolleys

Multi-Tier Trolleys are equipped with two, three or four tiers that suit different sets of needs depending on the application. Commonly used for stock picking or item distribution applications in a myriad of industries, these two-tier trolleys, three-tier trolleys and four-tier trolleys provide great convenience. At Team Systems, you can choose multi-tier trolleys like our Three Tier Trolley – TSS32 and our Stock Picking Trolley AK-H252S for your work environment. We also have multi-tier trolleys available that store goods in tubs, like our Multi-Tier Trolley – TS1BD , as well as cage trolleys that have zinc-plated mesh panels that stop contents from falling out, like our 2-Tier Platform Trolley – HL120M. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of specialised multi-tier trolleys that have particular applications, such as our Double Deck Tool Trolley with Twin Drawers – HS922, our Quad Deck Tool Cart with Tool Board – HS94B and our Triple Deck Computer Cart – HS900.


Trust Hospitality and Cleaning Trolleys

These hospitality and cleaning trolleys are mostly comprised of multi-tier trolleys that are especially designed for use in hospitality and cleaning applications. From trolleys like our Grandmaid Housekeeping Cart with Doors – 152.4cm x 55.9cm x 127cm to trolleys like our X Type Linen Cart – 170L Including Bag – 70.5cm x 63.5cm x 87.6cm, you can fulfil all your cleaning, laundry and waste management needs with these cleaning and hospitality trolleys.


Office Trolleys

Office trolleys like our Office File Trolley - TSOFT and our Upright File Trolley – TSUPFT2 are suitable for file movement, order picking and mail distribution in office environments. Along with these office trolleys, we also have foldable office trolleys like our Clax Mobile Folding Cart, which can be collapsed easily at the push of the button to save space during storage and transportation. The castor wheels of this Clax Mobile Folding Trolley are also removable for added storage convenience.


Hand Trucks

Built to assist in various manual handling transportation tasks, hand trucks are designed to move particularly large and bulky items around the workplace. Some of these items include big fridges and freezers, ATMs, boxes, drums, car and truck parts, water and gas cylinders, and furniture. Hand trolleys like our Highback Appliance Trolley – TSHT3A and our All Rounder Trolley – TH300 provide curved support when transporting hefty items.


Industrial Dollies

Dollies are used in industrial environments to make hard-to-move pieces of equipment movable. With dollies like our Crate Dollies – TS10CD, Furniture Dollies - TSFD and our Piano Trolley - TSPTP, you can transport objects ranging from furniture to large crates and tubs with ease.


Additional Trolleys and Accessories

Besides the trolleys listed here, Team Systems also has order picking trolleys, powered trolleys, industrial skates, Trust material handling trolleys and various other cleaning, catering and hospitality trolleys available for you to use in your workplace.

In addition to our transport trolleys, we also have accessories that can be attached to many of our trolleys. Accessories like our Safety Strap, TS Clipboard and Parts Tray Holder - TSOPTH all provide stability and convenience when using one of our trolleys.


Team Systems is committed to providing our customers with material handling and warehouse equipment solutions that place safety and efficiency at the forefront. By using our industrial trolleys, you can transport items and equipment around your workplace with ease. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Team Systems is your trusted provider of industrial trolleys Australia.