Ventilated Crates

Ventilated Crates

Our ventilated plastic crates have vented sides that allow for increased airflow, ensuring your stored goods can cool at a faster rate. As these plastic tubs are durable and reusable, with some even being food gradable, your employees can use them to safely transport and store all kinds of industrial products and goods in the workplace. At Team Systems, we supply plastic vented crates in a range of dimensions, capacities and colours, providing efficient solutions for various plastic storage purposes. With warehouses located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, we are reliable providers of plastic ventilated crates throughout Australia.

Where You Can Use Our Ventilated Crates

Our plastic storage containers can be used in a number of industrial environments. These include warehouses, factories, offices, schools, laboratories, hospitals, storerooms and more. With our industrial ventilated crates, you can increase the security and productivity of your workplace.

Food Gradable Plastic Storage Boxes

For ventilated containers that are suitable for use in food processing, meat trades and fishing industries, consider food gradable ventilated crates. Not only are they ideal for environments such as cool rooms, storerooms, refrigerators and freezers, but these food gradables vented tubs enable your employees to safely handle a variety of hospitality and food-related tasks. Furthermore, single-use receptacles such as takeaway containers and ice cream containers are likewise unsuitable for long term industrial food storage as they cannot withstand repeated freezing and heating. By using food gradable plastic ventilated crates to handle food, you can get the job done while maintaining the quality and safety of your produce.

Our Range of Plastic Ventilated Crates

You can select our vented containers in numerous dimensions, sizes, material types and colours. Since these all impact their applications, it is imperative that you choose a container that is tailored to your workplace’s conditions.

At Team Systems, our range of ventilated crates consists of containers such as our IH001 – Vented Prawn Crate. This plastic storage bin has vented sides, the external dimensions of 60cm x 35.2cm x 9.6cm and a capacity of 15 litres. Please also note that the lid is sold separately. Moreover, our IH522 – Vented Cape Lug Box is food gradable and can be used to store and transport food. Its dimensions are 60cm x 40cm x 20cm and it can hold loads of up to 32 litres. Additionally, our IH3011 – Security Crate with Lid is fitted with a security lid for enhanced safety during transportation. Its dimensions are 58cm x 38cm x 32.5cm and it has a capacity of 50 litres.


At Team Systems, we are passionate about providing our customers with material handling and warehouse equipment solutions that place safety and efficiency at the forefront. By using our plastic storage tubs, you can handle all kinds of industrial goods transportation and storage applications regardless of the environment you work in. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Team Systems is your trusted provider of industrial plastic ventilated crates Australia.