Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets are common pieces of warehouses equipment that are used to store a number of hazardous products.  Suitable for a range of industrial environments, our industrial storage cabinets are perfect for holding materials such as petrol, diesel, fuel, acids, aerosol cans and oil-based paints, depending on the storage cabinet. At Team Systems, we have flammable liquids cabinets, corrosive substances safety cabinets, aerosol storage cages and gas cylinder storage cages available. With warehouses located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, we are dependable providers of industrial dangerous goods storage cabinets throughout Australia.

Where You Can Use Our Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

The industrial environments in which you can use our dangerous goods storage cabinets are numerous. They include warehouses, factories, power stations, laboratories, workshops, hospitals and more. By using our industrial goods storage cabinets, you can ensure a safe and productive workplace for your employees.

Our Range of Industrial Safety Cabinets

At Team Systems, our dangerous goods storage cabinets have varying dimensions, load capacities and applications depending on the model. It is recommended that you make sure that the product you choose is suited to your workplace’s conditions.

Flammable Liquids Cabinets

Our flammable liquids storage cabinets provide a secure and effective solution to storing flammable and combustible substances, including paints, varnishes, lacquers and more. Constructed with 1.2mm double-walled steel, these fire safety cabinets have three-point stainless steel bullet latching and 40mm of insulating air space for fire resistance. They also come with 1-3 shelves that direct spills to the back and bottom of the leak-tight 150mm lower sump, as well as flash-arrestor vents, earthing points, and adjustable feet and shelving. Additionally, our flammable goods storage cabinets are available in capacities of 100 litres, 160 litres and 250 litres, and they are all made to comply with Australian Standards AS 1940-2017.

Gas Cylinder Storage Cages

Oxygen cylinder cages like our Gas Cylinder Storage Cage – 4 x LPG and our Gas Cylinder Storage Cage – 18 x “G” Cylinders are suitable for keeping LPG cylinders, acetylene cylinders, forklift gas bottles and other compressed gas cylinders safe and secure. With a foldable door handle, a pocket for forklift tines and a safety chain, our gas cylinder cages are great for use in any workplace. Moreover, they have a high visibility colour, are supplied flat packed and take approximately 30 minutes to an hour to assemble, and they are made to adhere to Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1596 and Australian Standards AS 4332.

Aerosol Storage Cages

Our aerosol can storage cabinets are available in capacities of 32 cans, 220 cans and 440 cans, and are ideal for storing paint, bug spray and other types of aerosol cans. Featuring heavy-duty powder-coated steel constructions, these aerosol cabinets are robust while maintaining manoeuvrability, and can be easily bench-mounted. They also have wide-open area perforations that deliver natural ventilation in accordance with Australian standards, as well as bolt down plates that allow these aerosol cages to be permanently fixed for enhanced security. Furthermore, our aerosol storage cages are supplied with Class 2 Flammable Gas warnings signs and they meet the requirements of Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 3833-2007.

Corrosive Substances Safety Cabinet

For dangerous goods storage cabinets that are built for containing Class 8 corrosive substances, look no further than our chemical storage cabinets. They are equipped with 1-3 shelves depending on the model and have double-wall thermal barriers with 40mm spacing. Moreover, these corrosive substances storage cabinets are each equipped with sequential self-closing doors, ventilation ports with flash arrestors each side, clear descriptive safety signs and directions, anti-spark self-latching doors with key lock and an integral spill containment sump with drain and suspended perforated floor. Moreover, these corrosive substances safety cabinets are UV protected, comply with Australian Standards AS 3780-2008 and are available in capacities of 100 litres, 160 litres and 250 litres.

Ensuring Your Safety with Our Industrial Safety Cabinets

When using dangerous goods storage cabinets, there are a few safety measures to keep in mind to best ensure your workplace is secure. Firstly, segregate incompatible substances into different storage cabinets in order to prevent a violent chemical reaction in the event that there is a leak or spill. Secondly, check that your work environment is suitable for housing dangerous goods cabinets in that they are not negatively impacted by light, moisture and temperature conditions. Finally, make sure that you store gas bottles at least 3 metres away from combustible materials, vegetation or waste, and at least 1 metre from building windows, doors, air vents and ducting. By following these safety measures, you can best prioritise the security of your employees and workplace.


At Team Systems, we are dedicated to providing our customers with material handling and warehouse equipment solutions that place safety and efficiency at the forefront. By using our dangerous goods storage cabinets, you can safely store a whole range of hazardous substances in your workplace. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Team Systems is your trusted provider of industrial dangerous goods storage cabinets Australia.