Industrial Order Picking Ladders

Industrial Order Picking Ladders

Order picker ladders are elevated mobile platforms that are used for stock picking purposes in industrial environments. While they tend to be non-collapsible and cannot fold up, stock picking ladders are a convenient staple for many warehouses. At Team Systems, we have a variety of order picker ladders available, including ladders from Monstar Ladders, Bailey, Indalex and StockMaster. With warehouses located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, we are dependable providers of heavy-duty order picker ladders throughout Australia.

Where You Can Use Our Industrial Order Picker Ladders

You can use our order picking ladders in an array of industrial environments. For example, you can commonly find stock picker ladders in warehouses, factories, storage areas, commercial sites and vehicle maintenance industries. By using our order picker ladders, you can provide your workers with a secure and productive workplace.

Our Range of Heavy Duty Order Picker Ladders

Our order picker ladders are available in varying dimensions, sizes, load capacities and applications depending on the model. It is recommended that you make sure that the product you choose is suited to your workplace’s conditions.

Monstar Order Picker Ladders

At Team Systems, we supply Monstar Ladders such as our 5 Step Monstar Order Picker Ladder – 150kg Rated. These order pickers have a durable aluminium construction with ribbed tread for safety, as well as a safety gate for security at elevated heights. Moreover, these Monstar ladders have fully retractable castor wheels that engage the floor as soon as they are stepped on to prevent unexpected shifting, making the ladder lightweight, manoeuvrable and easy to use. Additionally, our Monstar order picker ladders are available from 2 step forms to 6 step forms and are made to exceed Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1892.1.

Bailey Order Picker Ladders

With their strong fully welded aluminium constructions, Bailey order picking ladders like our 7 Step Deluxe Order Picker Access 170kg are made for high frequency use. Their ‘Walk thru’ design enables access to mezzanine floors, vehicle access and warehousing, and their large 125mm castor wheels grant improved portability and ‘easy glide’ action. Bailey stock picker ladders are equipped with two safety gates, 100mm deep treads and steel bracing under the bottom tread for enhanced comfort and safety. Furthermore, their manually-operated braking system with high visibility powder-coated activation arm helps minimise unauthorised access. In addition to these safety features, our Bailey order picker ladders are available from 3 step ladders all the way up to 14 step ladders, and they are designed to meet Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1892.1.

Indalex Order Picking Ladders

Indalex stock picker ladders like our ODP10 Order Picker Ladder – 180kg Rated fold for convenient storage and are built to perform well in commercial sites and warehouse environments. Fitted with front and rear platform gates, these Indalex ladders allow for walk through access to truck decks or shelving. They are also equipped with 2 rear wheels for ease of manoeuvrability, and conform to Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1892.1:1996. You can select an Indalex Order Picking Ladder from 3 step to 10 step forms.

Additional Order Picker Ladders

In addition to the ladder mentioned above, we also supply TeamStar Mobile Order Pickers, Stockmaster Order Pickers and Monstar Industrial Ladders.

Ensuring Your Safety with Our Heavy Duty Order Picker Ladders

Since working at elevated heights can pose some risks, there are a few measures you can follow to best preserve your safety. For example, you should always secure your ladder on solid and stable surfaces, keeping 3 points of contact with your hands and feet when working for maximum security. You should also wear appropriate clothing and non-slip footwear, and be sure to re-check your ladder if you temporarily leave it during operation. Additionally, once you have finished using your order picker ladder, it is recommended that you verify that there are no loose or damaged components, and that you store it in a secure and covered location. By following these precautions, you can remain safe when carrying out tasks at elevated heights.


At Team Systems, we are passionate about providing our customers with material handling and warehouse equipment solutions that emphasise safety and efficiency. By using our order picker ladders, you can perform a range of tasks at elevated heights. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Team Systems is your trusted provider of industrial order picker ladders Australia.