Step Ladders

Step Ladders

Step ladders are a convenient ladder to have both in the workplace and the household as they provide access to high spaces and just out of reach areas. With most step ladders featuring collapsible designs, you can fold them flat for easy storage, making them a must-have for workplaces that are limited on space. At Team Systems, we have step ladders in various material types and brands, including aluminium and fibreglass, and ladders from Bailey, Indalex and Monstar Ladders respectively. Our warehouses are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, making us reliable providers of industrial step ladders throughout Australia.

Where You Can Use Our Industrial Step Ladders

With their convenient functionality, step ladders are incredibly useful in a range of industrial environments. These include use in offices, factories, warehouses, schools, retail stores, hospitals and others. With our industrial step ladders, you can improve the security and productivity of your workplace.

Our Range of Heavy Duty Step Ladders

Our step ladders are available in varying dimensions, material types and load capacities. As these impact how you use them, it is recommended that you ensure the ladder you select for your workplace has the right specifications for your intended application.

Bailey Double Sided Aluminium Step Ladders

At Team Systems, we supply double-sided aluminium step ladders such as our Bailey 3 Step Double Sided Aluminium Step Ladder. The double-sided design of this step ladder offers versatility, strength and stability, proving to be ideal for tradespeople and serious DIY applications. With its aluminium construction and 150kg load rating, this step ladder is built for industrial use, and its anti-slip feet ensure it is suitable for all kinds of work environments. Moreover, this step ladder features a Punchlock® tread design and deep fascia top caps that increase the torsional rigidity of the overall ladder frames, and we supply Bailey double-sided aluminium step ladders in 2 steps to 14 step forms.

Indalex Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladders

Available in 3 steps to 16 step forms, Indalex fibreglass step ladders such as our Indalex 8 Step Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladder have side rails made from fibreglass pultrusions that enable you to use it in areas where electrical hazards may exist. With internal spreader bars that pivot parallel to its side rails and a fastening method that has been specifically chosen for each joint, this step ladder is ensured to not “loosen up” over time. Additionally, this ladder utilises a two-piece extruded top closes without a gap to prevent the pinching hazard, and it is manufactured to Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1892.

Little Monstar Compact Step Ladders

Our Little Monstar Compact Step Ladders are lightweight, manoeuvrable and easy to use. With strong aluminium construction and compact foldaway design, step ladders like our 4 Step Little Monstar Compact Step Ladder – 150kg Rated are suitable for use in various industrial and commercial environments. Their rear roller castor wheels make for ease of movement while their strong safety brackets include a recess for storing tools and bucket hooks. Additionally, they have heavy-duty tread for added safety on all steps, a load capacity of 150kg and availability in 2 steps, 3 step and 4 step ladder forms.

Additional Step Ladders

Besides the step ladders mentioned above, we also have Indalex Double Sided Aluminium Step Ladders, Bailey RFDS Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladders and more for you to choose from.

Ensuring Your Safety with Our Step Ladders

Since working at elevated heights can pose some risks, there are a few measures you can follow to best preserve your safety. For example, if you are using a step ladder in an outdoor environment, steer clear of power lines by at least 4 metres. You should also secure the step ladder on stable and solid ground in order for it to remain still during operation. Moreover, it is recommended that you wear appropriate clothing and non-slip footwear and that you are aware of other people and your surroundings when using your step ladder. If you have to temporarily leave it, recheck it before you use it again. Finally, once you have finished using your step ladder, prepare it for its next use by cleaning it (when necessary), checking that there are no loose or damaged components and storing it in a secure and covered location. By following these measures, you can preserve the safety of your employees.


At Team Systems, we are committed to providing our customers with material handling and warehouse equipment solutions that emphasise safety and efficiency. By using our step ladders, you can access a number of just out of reach areas in the workplace. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Team Systems is your trusted provider of industrial step ladders Australia.